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e.g. (801) 555-1234

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Proof You Live In Utah (Please bring one to registration)

  • Utah Drivers License/Priv. Card, Vehicle Reg, Voter, or State ID
  • Transcripts
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  • Consulate Card
  • Utah Government Agency Letter
  • Religious

    1. The student has the primary responsibility to ensure that all graduation requirements are met. Students understand that they should keep in close contact with their Entrada High School counselor.
    2. Students are ultimately responsible to keep a current list of courses needed for graduation.
    3. Fees: Tuition: $50/semester
    4. Pre-test/Orientation: Each student must complete an annual assessment and an orientation at registration in order to be enrolled, earn credit, and graduate or take the GED® with Entrada High School.
    5. PASS Program/Testing
      1. Limit two (2) PASS packets and unit tests at a time
      2. Only one (1) textbook may be checked out at a time. There may be a book deposit required.
      3. Packets are assigned by teacher or counselor only.
      4. Unit tests must begin before 8:00 pm.
    6. Student Code of Conduct: Students must follow Canyons District policies for dress, grooming, and behavior. See web site for details.
    7. Computer Use Policy: Each student must follow Canyons District policies for computer and Internet use. Computers and the Internet are for educational purposes only. Penalties for policy violation may range from immediate suspension from all Entrada computer and Internet resources to expulsion from Entrada High School.
    8. GED Registration and Testing: Start by visiting www.gedtesting services.com As of July 1, 2009, students earning a GED® diploma cannot earn a high school diploma.
    9. Cell Phone/Personal Electronics: Not permitted during school. Penalties for violation of this policy may range from immediate dismissal from class to expulsion from Entrada High School.
    I hereby release all personal data/ ESOP information and GED® scores, if applicable to the Utah State Office of Education and other state agencies for client counseling and data matching purposes, in addition to any additional Adult Education program that I any choose to attend. Under federal law (FERPA) Canyons school District is allowed to collect certain student information and photos/videos without prior written consent. Entrada may publish this informational print, the Entrada website and/or other marketing opportunities. If you choose to opt out of the release you must submit a written request to the coordinator.

    Please be advised that if you don't provide a valid email address or update your email address or your phone number if it changes with the District, or block the District's emails or phone calls concerning funds owed by you, the District will still send the delinquent account to their collection agency without any additional attempts at further communication.

    I hereby give permission to Entrada to release my school information to the marked referring agency and /or these individuals:
    I understand and agree to comply with all Canyons District policies and guidelines. My failure to do so may result in my inability to attend Entrada or possible permanent expulsion.

    e.g. MM-DD-YYYY